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International Spot


Gold 1201.2
Silver 16.42
Nymex Crude 76.65
$ Vs Rupee 61.68
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DJ Despite Dip in Crude Prices, Oil-and-Gas Stocks Climb -- Energy Roundup

After a week of gains, Brent crude prices dipped Friday over concerns that China's decision to slash interest rates won't reignite that nation's economy enough to offset a global oi...

Contract Last Chg
No gainers found
Contract Last Chg
Nickel Mini-Feb'151044.8020.30
Zinc Mini-Nov'14141.202.20
Zinc Mini-Dec'14141.702.10
Zinc Mini-Jan'15142.002.00

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Domestic Quotes

  Min Max Time
RGE 820.0 830.0 17:23:54
AGE 572.0 575.0 15:05:22
DGE 625.0 626.0 15:05:22
AGE 630.0 631.0 15:05:21
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India 2014-15 Cotton Production Likely At?
 375-390 Lakh Bales (170Kg Each)
 390-400 Lakh Bales (170Kg Each)
 400-420 Lakh Bales (170Kg Each)
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