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Veg. Oil Market Commentary
17/06/24 17:06Mustard seed complex continues its bearish trend
17/06/24 16:21India's Monsoon 20% Below Normal So Far; Southern States Receive Adequate Rain
17/06/24 13:50Indian Soybean Arrivals Down Due to Mandi Closures
17/06/24 13:19DCE Oil Complex Mid-Day Closing 17 Jun 2024
15/06/24 17:36 Castor Prices Hold Steady Amidst Robust Shipper Demand
15/06/24 16:09North Gujarat Witnesses Record Peanut Arrivals, Prices Remain Stable
15/06/24 14:03Mustard Market Update: Mixed Trends and Steady Prices
15/06/24 11:17CBOT Soy Oil Futures Decline Amid Eased Argentine Supply Concerns
15/06/24 10:33Veg Oil Duty Calculation ( Tariff ) - 15 Jun 2024
15/06/24 10:32Increased Use of Tallow in US Biofuel Production Impacts Soy Oil Consumption
15/06/24 06:59CBOT CLOSE:14-June-2024
14/06/24 21:15DCE Oil Complex Evening Closing - 14 JUNE 2024
14/06/24 19:16DCE Daily Rates Update ( Time: 20:14 ) - 14 JUNE 2024
14/06/24 18:59Global Sunflower Seed Supply to Decrease in 2024/25 MY
14/06/24 17:07Castor Prices Rise in Gujarat Amidst Lower Arrivals and Strong Demand
14/06/24 16:29Mustard Seed, Oil, and Cake Prices Dip Amid Weak Demand
14/06/24 16:12Coconut Rates : 14 June 2024
14/06/24 16:03Palm Oil Market Holds Steady Amidst Holiday Trading Pause
14/06/24 15:53Peanut Prices Soften in Gujarat Amidst New Arrivals and Export Activity
14/06/24 13:59Indian Soybean Arrivals Increase as Plant Rate Remains Stable