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05/02/23 17:30Week Ahead: Tur to get support on mill buying despite supply & arrivals
05/02/23 16:31Week Ahead: Need-based buying of good quality Moong will support price
05/02/23 15:05Week Ahead: Urad to witness narrow price movement, Follow Burma CNF quotes
04/02/23 22:00Week Ahead: Chana prices likely to find support from mill buying
04/02/23 21:20Week Ahead: Kabuli Chickpea to find support at the lower levels
04/02/23 20:30Week Ahead: White Pea prices may extend fall as sellers remain active
04/02/23 19:55Week Ahead: Masoor's price recovery could be short-lived.
03/02/23 08:10Chana Delhi (Rajasthan Line) — Counter-trend Decline / Next Support at Rs. 5,000
02/02/23 08:28Urad (Chennai) — Correction Underway / Next Support at Rs. 7,000
01/02/23 08:11Mumbai Lemon Tur (Pigeon Pea) — Consolidating Near Support (Rs. 6,900)
31/01/23 08:22Desi Moong (Jaipur) — Trending Higher / Next Resistance at Rs. 8,225
30/01/23 08:54Kabuli Chana (Indore) — Trending Higher / Next Resistance at Rs. 15,000
29/01/23 17:30Week Ahead: Mills buying at lower rates may support Tur prices.
29/01/23 01:08Week Ahead: Moong may find support at lower rates on mills buying
28/01/23 23:42Week Ahead: Chana prices may find support at lower levels on need-based buying
28/01/23 20:48Week Ahead: Urad price movement will depend on Burma’s CNF quotes & mills buying
28/01/23 19:54Week Ahead: Kabuli Chickpea to trade firm; new crop arrivals & export demand in focus
28/01/23 18:50Week Ahead: Masoor prices likely to fall further on consistent overseas supply
28/01/23 18:07Week Ahead: White Pea price may ease further as sellers stay active
27/01/23 08:28Akola Desi Tur (Pigeon Pea) — Consolidating in an Uptrend / Key Support at Rs. 7,300
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